Edge Detection in FPGA using Sobel Operator
Edge Detection in FPGA using Sobel Operator

Sobel Core Module Verilog Code

The following is the verilog code for the core sobel module in our project.

/* Verilog code to calculate Sobel
 * Free to download modify and use
module sobel( p0, p1, p2, p3, p5, p6, p7, p8, out);

input  [7:0] p0,p1,p2,p3,p5,p6,p7,p8;	// 8 bit pixels inputs 
output [7:0] out;					// 8 bit output pixel 

wire signed [10:0] gx,gy;    //11 bits because max value of gx and gy is  
//255*4 and last bit for sign					 
wire signed [10:0] abs_gx,abs_gy;	//it is used to find the absolute value of gx and gy 
wire [10:0] sum;			//the max value is 255*8. here no sign bit needed. 

assign gx=((p2-p0)+((p5-p3)<<1)+(p8-p6));//sobel mask for gradient in horiz. direction 
assign gy=((p0-p6)+((p1-p7)<<1)+(p2-p8));//sobel mask for gradient in vertical direction 

assign abs_gx = (gx[10]? ~gx+1 : gx);	// to find the absolute value of gx. 
assign abs_gy = (gy[10]? ~gy+1 : gy);	// to find the absolute value of gy. 

assign sum = (abs_gx+abs_gy);				// finding the sum 
assign out = (|sum[10:8])?8'hff : sum[7:0];	// to limit the max value to 255  

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